Meet Hyunjin Han: Industrial Design Major, Jewelry Minor

JAGY is the name of this chic, ingenious planter that fits together like a puzzle. Although the name sounds exotic, it simply means "planter" in Korean. Graduating this spring, JAGY's designer Hyunjin is originally from Seoul. She is an Industrial Design major who decided to minor in jewelry after a memorable visit to the garden maze at the Getty Museum in L.A.  "I fell in love with the geometric form, like how the rows are arranged and intertwined."

The metal bracelet pictured above, constructed with hinge tubing and riveted tips, is an example of Hyunjin's maze-inspired design. A lot of sanding was required to achieve its mirror-smooth finish. "My fingerprints were almost gone from doing so much sanding," she says. 

Hyunjin's work is marked by extensive experimentation and variety. This oversized pendant is reminiscent of the large gold and silver pendants rappers sported in the early 1990's but with a feminine flair.

Model: Lexi Bright

Model: Lexi Bright

For another project, Hyunjin switched gears and created organic pieces using a wax casting process. "I like working with natural materials because there is a lot of variation in texture and shape." 

For these brooches, Hyunjin emulated mold and moss. She created forms by shaping the material with her hands, hand-pounding metal and using a hydraulics machine to meld pieces together. She added purple stones and dyed moss to complete the looks. 


Hyunjin also created a series of silver and gold rings modeled after mold seen through a microscope. 


Here are some of her designs. The rings are similar but feature a lot of variety in patterns.

Hyunjin graduates from SCAD this spring and is planning to stay in the U.S. working as an Industrial Designer in the watch or toy industry. She also plans to design her own line of jewelry.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! See more of her work at